Energy Sector

The energy industry is facing major upheavals. New and affordable forms of renewable energy such as solar and wind power are increasingly turning consumers into providers. This makes stable operation of the power grid a challenge. At the same time, the demand for electrical energy is increasing. We are able to analyze, predict and visualize the network utilization, demand and supply situation of wind and electricity power down to the level of individual households. This enables reliable control of the networks.


We are able to reliably predict the customer's Internet service quality and display it on an interactive map. In this way, our customers' technicians can rectify faults before their end customers become dissatisfied and possibly switch providers. To do this, we not only use the measurement data from the Internet service provider via our own network, but also measurement data from the Internet itself.

Project experience

  • Predictive Analytics for Resource Planning

    A Leading Telecom operator in Switzerland wanted to improve its call center's resource utilization rate, customer's accessibility and reduce recontacts in order to improve customer satisfaction, call quality and reduce costs..

  • Energy distribution & Utilization Viz

    A medium sized energy provider as part of Digitalization initiative wanted to monitor the electricity supply in the region and identify potential shortages, in order to prepare and respond effectively.