Predictive Analytics for Resource Planning

A Leading Telecom operator in Switzerland wanted to improve its call center's resource utilization rate, customer's accessibility and reduce recontacts in order to improve customer satisfaction, call quality and reduce costs.


Nusselt's developed a customizable predictive analytics solutions which aggregated the workforce planning data with operational triggers such as n/w stability, market volatility, product & project rollouts to efficiently predict staffing volumes and customer behaviour. This data was fed in an automated fashion to the resource planning tool which becomes the basis for agent staffing. .

Energy distribution & Utilization Viz

A medium sized energy provider as part of Digitalization initiative wanted to monitor the electricity supply in the region and identify potential shortages, in order to prepare and respond effectively.


Nusselt supported the client to upgrade their legacy data and reporting infrastructure to modern open-source based data solutions. For real-time visualizations, a modern web application using React framework was developed to provide operators with point in time view of utilization & loading in the network.

Financial Reporting

An online retailer in Switzerland had a manual, error-prone financial reporting suite which was labor intensive to manage and sub-optimal for analytical purposes.


Nusselt designed and implemented a light-weight & modern addon to the ERP that incorporated both the existing financial system data and the client's business processes & organization. This addon solution has a user-friendly visual interface that provided full-transparency to their business and enabled several possibilities to do adhoc reporting & self service data analysis comprising on tabular data, graphs and easy to create visualizations.

Self Installation guide for Modems

A leading telecom operator has a planned launch of a new modem to its customer base. In order to speedup installation and reduce call center impact, the client needed a self-install support utility.


A vision based self installation guide was developed and integrated with the mobile App. The self install guide navigated the customer through the install workflow by processing the camera feed to identify connectible ports and plug them to their respective connectors.